We Don't Just Meet Your Expectations, We Exceed Them

Welcome to SportsnetworkData.com

You are here, reading this, because you either need sports content or you are curious about the company whose site you go to every day. Either way, "Hi!" and glad you stopped by. As a user that wants everything about sports instantly, this is how we do it. Interesting, huh? As a prospective client of ours, it is likely that you need not go anywhere else at this juncture, other than to traverse all that is contained within this presentation. As the credo of our company indicates, "We don't just meet your expectations. We exceed them."

It ultimately boils down to breadth and scope of the product, accommodation to your needs... from requirements regarding content and technology to budget ... responsiveness, support, being the original source and not a redistributor that cuts and pastes, creativity, continued expansion and growth of product, absence of incremental costs with every discussion about needs, quality, speed, accuracy.

"You folks do all that?"

And decidedly more! Further, we want to meet with you. If close enough, come tour our facilities and meet our staff, kick a few tires (don't flatten them), shake some hands (not a test of strength with partners to be) and ask as many questions as come to mind. Whether you are starting out or have finally decided that it is time for a change, to become a leader in the field and not a follower, contact with The Sports Network has to be the next call you make today.

Latest news

  • Aug2014
    More News on the API front
    We will continue to update you as we advance with our API rollout. TSN continues to get rave reviews on the JSON API feeds we have developed in-house. Comments such as this is exactly what we have developed in-house and should be an easy conversion from XML to API. Or the fact that developers are seeing visually a noticeable difference in latency between our XML and API feeds.
    More about API delivery...
  • Aug2014
    Mobile Web site & Responsive GameCasts
    As we have spoken about in the past, TSN has engineered a very attractive and white-label sports solution for you, cherry picking specific sports or categories or choosing to get the whole package, which by the way, now includes Special Event content. What we are most proud of is our responsive design Game Casts, which have been rolled out already for MLB and CFL, and will be available for the start of the NFL and College Football seasons.
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