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When TSN launched its web site in 1994, there were already many sites on the internet, but very few had anything resembling live data. Within months, TSN was signing up clients for the live representation of its feed, but under the client’s proprietary headers and templates. Virtually overnight, TSN was able to provide clients that had been living with days-old data on their site, into an immediate real-time destination for its users.

Today, after more than 18 years, TSN is the premier vendor for sports branding in North America.

To be successful, one must be able to provide its clients the following:

-   The best live sports data in the market. And it is not enough to cover what we term the "BIG SIX" sports, which incorporate MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, College Football and Basketball. More and more sites are looking to localize, so much so that it is just as important for clients to have information on the minor league teams within their market, or some of the second-tier leagues under each of the parent pro leagues as it is to pound out information on the major leagues. And it is not enough to cover just the basics, but drill down to the most finite item, because what may be unimportant to one person, may be vital to another. No one drills down both within the major and supporting leagues better than TSN.

-   A customized replication of what one can find on http://www.sportsnetwork.com. TSN does not subscribe to the "cookie-cutter" approach that others offer as their version of branding. This is a lazy and outdated approach. Clients do not like looking like their neighbors next door. They want to be unique, different and have the ability to remake their site to their needs rather than our own. TSN has taken special care to be able to offer its clients the ability to tailor its data so that the navigation is in their header, left rail, above the content fold, above, but in a pull-down window, or justified right. TSN also offers unlimited ability to modify our CSS to the color and style of the font you want and the background color you need.

-   Offer items that are unique to us and us alone.

  • Game Casts - TSN provides unique depiction for every detail within a game and encapsulizes it within a state-of-the art detailed design of either the rink and/or stadium. In baseball, we can actually provide the user with the feel of being in the stadium of the home team that is playing, so a Phillies fan, whose team is playing in Philadelphia, can follow the game as if they are in Citizens Bank Park.

  • Widgets - Nothing drives traffic more than widgets and TSN has built a vast library dating back to the mid-90s of various widget options, ranging from the league level all the way down to the team level. Some 500 widgets, many of which are ideas and suggestions from our clients over the years, provide our clients with a wide variety of options at their disposal.

  • Fantasy News and Notes - We recognize that fantasy has become one of the fastest growing markets of sports data and certainly TSN has not ignored that. Our own in-house fantasy "geeks" were forced like many others to go from site to site to get information or detail on their favorite players and/or ideas on who to keep, who to sell, and who to trade for. TSN has tried to amalgamate all of those ideas and things that forced them to jump from site to site for that information and put it under one roof. If keeping users on your site is one of your foremost goals, TSN has provided you the ammunition to do just that.

  • Special Events - TSN knows that setting aside two or more writers and ultimately designers for one-off projects that occur annually can pose not only a headache whose responsibility it is to build out a special section, but capturing the data that needs or should be represented in this section. And pulling people off things they are doing for these one-off projects can prove to be costly. So why not take advantage of TSNs Special Event Packages. We provide not only the historical or trivial records of those events, but house it under the same template as the current and up-to-date information for that event. So it is one-stop shopping for your user. They needed be bothered by jumping from one link to another, as everything is pre-built to make everything one link away.

And there are certainly more reasons why branding is so beneficial, not the least of which if you have a deadline to get information on your site under your brand, branding allows us to effectuate that as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

How painless, SIMPLE !!!

The clients maintain virtual control over its branding section. They simply take the code that rests above their content and below their content and save it off to their server as their "HEADER" and "FOOTER" absolute url links. The links provide us the ability to add those urls to each sport section you choose to purchase and as the user clicks on the data, the template pull is made to your servers much like when you are serving up your own information.

The process could take as long as 10-15 minutes, tops.

From there, we do the rest of the work, from mocking up one sport for sign-off, to completing the project under your direction. TSN provides you back-door access to your templates should you choose to modify the CSS of the content or add/subtract links or automate your traffic to your own in-house traffic reports.

TSN knows what you need. We know how to build it. We know how to simplify it so that you can get the content done to your specific needs.

There is no one else that brings the years of experience to the marketplace and do it in such a way that makes it as painless to the client. We realize you are wrestling with so many other matters. We know we can reduce that burden by expediting the process and giving you the ability to go to market in days rather than weeks or months.

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