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The Sports Network | Suite 200 | 2200 Byberry Rd. | Hatboro, PA 19040 | Phone: 215.441.8444
Read about The Sports Network, find out more about us, do not consider any sports content provider, nor anyone pretending to be one and you will run into the credo of our organization - "We don't just meet your expectations. We exceed them." That is where we set the bar...to provide you with more than you anticipated and to add, incrementally and constantly, absent additional charges that you will predictably find elsewhere. Whether you are the decision-maker in the investigative process, the person making the suggestions and referrals or the head of technology that needs assurances that our own technology is complementary to yours, you have come to the right place, the organization that, frankly and immodestly, excels above all others.

Perhaps you are now sourcing elsewhere and have finally determined that it is time for a change, to take your company to the next level, to outdo the competition and ally with a group that is responsive, listens to your budget parameters, is supportive, accommodative and speaks to you, not at you...confers instead of demands, works within your world instead of limiting things to ours. When we expand, near daily, so do you. It is why we are here...to grow our product and technology all the time and allow you, not charge you, to benefit from same.

The Sports Network Corporate Headquarters

TSN Sales Staff: (L-R) Ken Zajac, Bernie Greenberg & Steve Cwitkowitz

The Sports Network will turn you on in more ways than one!!!

TSN is the largest privately owned international sports information company in North America and, possibly, the world, servicing hundreds and hundreds of clients whose range multiplies that to thousands, as well as, literally, millions of viewers/users world-wide. Your first steps are to concurrently look at our site at www.sportsnetwork.com and know that what you see is available to you as a branded offering or, for example, XML feed that you can opt to parse as you see fit or have us send a pre-parsed version on to you. TSN covers the gamut of sports information, ranging from NFL to Rugby, MLB to Cricket and virtually everything in- between. Our relationships are vast, providing us the level of commitment to not only our largest clients, but the smallest ones as well.

Our sales and technical staff have the answers to all of the questions you've been chartered to ask of us and have ready explanations with descriptions of much more that you have not thought of or considered as yet.

It is definitely the American Way to compare, to shop, to do what is eventually determined best for your company, whether you are just entering the sports fray in one fashion or the other or want to "up the ante" and take what you do a notch or two further. The process starts here, likely ends at the same place and with good reason. We'll do the "show and tell," provide a test period, meet with you, listen to what you wish to accomplish, explain how we can partner with you, help you grow and, among a great deal more, assure you that you will be the recipient of such things as the following...
  • the fastest and most accurate news, scores, injury and weather reports anywhere as well as what is actually taking place in the world of sports, not rumors and what others are putting forth without verification
  • the largest expanse of sports covered by anyone...in absolute detail
  • the opportunity to avail yourself of branded content for your web site(s) to complement any direct feed you may also wish to source
  • 24/7 service and accommodation, support from the source of the content, not limited service from a redistributor
  • technology that is years ahead of any other claimed provider or redistributor
  • instant responsiveness at all times from the originators of the content
  • the accessibility of everything that you see on www.sportsnetwork.com, a product that constantly expands
  • visits to your premises, whenever possible, for review, together with technological updates and training as required complemented by your coming to our "digs" to see what we do and how we do it, to provide further assurances openly and confidently
  • a relationship where you are dealing directly with the source and not a vendor of content sourced from multiple alleged suppliers
  • accommodation for budgetary constraints and parameters - we listen
  • an organization that understands and is totally familiar with the industry, that is the trend-setter
Those are just some of the parameters you have to consider before contacting us. Now, here are the ones that make contact with The Sports Network an absolute must.
  • Access to the largest sports information Widget library available anywhere, built over nearly two decades of inventiveness, technology and catering to the needs and demands of the Internet market. You want to drive traffic to your site? Let us take the wheel.

  • Fantasy sports are here to stay and most surveys consider it a billion dollar a year industry. If you want your share of that then having the largest volume of sports fantasy player news and notes, league data, helpful hints for users, will certainly assure your standing in the marketplace ... especially when condensed in a nice, easy to use format.

  • Live as it is happening on the field or hardwoods, at the arena, GameCasts where users cannot only track the game underway but follow every derivative and important stat from that particular contest. Social networking has risen to the top of the communications and informational bin and, now, your presentation will have total interactivity of the game(s) underway whether as a fervent fan, fantasy player or otherwise...currently accomplished and offered for MLB, NFL, NHL, Top-25 college football and CFL.

  • The ability to avail yourself of close to 60, and growing, special events packages that include, but are not limited to, real-time and historical content, every detail of interest to the user(s), photography, participant particulars, all other elements of note...exhaustive and comprehensive coverage. Some of particular interest would be all professional sports Drafts, Pre-season Previews, All-Star Games, Post Season Playoffs, Championship Packages for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Olympics....robust and in-depth additional packages for College Bowl Games, NCAA Tournaments, Masters, US Open, French Open, Ryder Cup, Daytona 500, Indy 500, Five Major Marathons throughout the world. We can say, without fear of contradiction, that no one else offers a pre-built, designed, technologically superior Special Events Package equal to this.

  • And then there are our "picture/features pages" for use on sites that do not have access to the expansive editorial efforts of a staff of their own to furnish same allowing for "book cover" options for each sport ... where TSN will rotate photos multiple times during a given day for every in-season sport and, periodically and as warranted, news that is of note for "out of season" sports.
This is about the time you reach for the phone to call us if you have not done so yet.

 Mickey Charles
 CEO and President
 The Sports Network


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