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"We have been partnering with Sports Network for over ten years and have been extremely pleased with the timeliness and quality of data and Sports Network's customer support and technical expertise. They are a first class company to work with!"
-- Ticker Technologies

"For more than a decade, The Sports Network has provided content for our local media clients' websites and, in more recent years, for their mobile applications. The depth of sports content and flexible pricing initially secured our business, and the outstanding client service and content integration tools have exceeded our expectations and those of our clients. We are pleased with The Sports Network and intend to license their content for many years to come."
-- Jason Gould, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Inergize Digital

"I want to thank you for a well developed website. Getting scores and schedules are very easy to get without having to jump through miles of websites and advertisements. Thanks again for a great website."
-- Greg Norton, Reader


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