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So you want to build your own sports app, right???

You don't have the time...
You don't have the resources ...
And more importantly, you don't have the money.

Maybe, just maybe, TSN has the perfect option.

TSN, in conjunction with our partner at Verious, have built powerful components quickly and efficiently to add sports news and other information for your Android app, saving you months of development time. It would be perfect for any Sports oriented app such as; fantasy sports, sports team-centric apps, sports scores and sports news apps. It would also be a great fit for non-sports centric apps such as newsreaders or newspaper apps.

It was designed for ease of integration with a rich feature set.

Features include:
  • Scrolling Ticker - small ticker UI control. Long headlines scroll right to left. New stories rotate in from the bottom after a set period
  • Full Story View - full page view of one story
  • List View - see a complete scrollable list of the news stories
  • Custom View - get MLB News data and create your own view using that
This component also has comprehensive configuration options so you can change the look and feel to best match your application's user interface.

User Interface Configuration options include:
  • Placement of the Ticker UI
  • Font style, size, color
  • Background color and image
  • Web view style - add your CSS classes and styles
  • Ticker scrolling parameters - time to display each headline

MLB News Feed Content Configurations include:

  • Types of News:

    • General News
    • Injuries
    • MLB Focus
    • League Roundup
    • Minor League Roundup
    • Player of the Week
    • Team History
    • Team Report

  • All teams or specific teams
  • Date window of the news - default is last 3 days
  • Time to cache the news data - default is 1 hour
  • Maximum number of stories to show - default is 50
  • Schedule and automatic retrieval of news - refer documentation and sample application for details

For more information and to see some custom examples of what they have built or can build upon request, please go to http://www.verious.com/sports/

Check it out, set up a call, test drive some apps in your template for a few days to see if you like it. Then, let's talk business!!!


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