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The Sports Network and XML Team Solutions have combined on building out a web-based, real-time product to not only keep track of live games, without having to retreat to the internet for those updates, but provide the content editor with all the information they require to build out agate pages immediately. So when a game goes final 15-20 minutes prior to deadline, the editor knows that the game story and box score are soon to follow with access to the Individual team stats, schedules and standings right at their fingertips. Files can easily be highlighted and downloaded together as shown in some of the screen shots below and pulled into the clientís primary pagination system. Whether you are working with InDesign or Quark, it doesnít matter. The client can tailor his box scores or standings or individual statistics with one or more significant features that need to be tweaked once and will be placed into your print page thereafter with that setting.

If a game is in the bottom of the ninth inning or if there is just twenty seconds left in a basketball game or there is only one minute in an NHL game, not to worry, you do not need to go to some other site or source to track that game. All relevant links for that game as soon as it is transmitted by TSN. No searching the wire for this information.

You can be an EXPERT in twenty minutes or less. No need to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to other vendors that provide information in a more difficult and/or time consuming manner.

Below are screen shots of the product. We would be more than happy to walk through the product in a 20-minute conference call and set you up with a test feed that night. See for yourself if it isnít as easy to use as is being discussed here.

If you would like to set up a call to discuss, please contact us at 215-441-8444 and ask for Ken Zajac, Bernie Greenberg or Steve Cwitkowitz.


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