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The Sports Network offers two basic feed options, XML and SportsML that may be parsed and displayed on web sites, mobile applications, and other platforms.

Sports Network offers all of its sports and breaks out all sports categories over its tcp/ip or FTP deliveries.

TSN offers hundreds of sports to clients, the most popular of which are what is referred to as the “BIG SIX” (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, College Football/Basketball). Under each major sport are a variety of secondary and tertiary sports, from minor leagues to alternative professional leagues. So under the NBA, you will also avail yourself of WNBA and NBDL.

Our secondary sports would be Professional Golf, Tennis, Auto Racing, Major League Soccer as well as International Soccer.

Within each sport, content is broken down in the following categories:

Event Coverage including previews, recaps, and box scores
  • Schedules
  • Statistics
  • Standings
  • Scores
  • Game Previews
  • Game Stories
  • Box Scores
  • Starting Lineups
  • News
  • Features
  • Injuries
  • Weather
  • Odds
Our feed choices are as follows:

1. XML - (Extensible Markup Language) is a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form. XML's design goals emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability over the Internet. There are many programming interfaces that software developers may use to access XML data, and hundreds of XML-based languages have been developed.

The Sports Network XML Feed can be delivered as a TCP/IP socket-to-socket connection or as a FTP connection. With the TCP/IP connection, clients connect their server with TSN's server, and the data is pushed out once the authentication process is complete. If using the FTP connection, TSN will connect to the client server using FTP access. For XML DTD's and examples of XML data Click here.

2. SportsML - designed specifically to handle the breadth and scope of data associated with sports, this Markup Language optimizes the sharing of sports statistics and information such as schedules, results, standings, team statistics, and individual statistics.

SportsML delivers a normalized version of XML that is more cohesive and easier to parse.

In order to optimize SportsML, we strongly recommend utilizing Feed Fetcher software. There are two versions of Feed Fetcher: Basic and Deluxe. For more information about Feed Fetcher, contact TSN sales.

TSN also offers a premium play-by-play feed that allows clients to create their own real-time scoreboards, populate fantasy contests, retrieve live statistics, and more. Known as the Progressive Feed, its popularity is in the fact that it will continue to build dynamic box scores for the client.


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